In 2009, Kathy Fish and her daughter, Patti Komakhuk, opened their business, Antlers and Ivory. Their business idea was to use locally sourced materials whenever possible, design and create custom-made, hand-crafted Alaskan-made gifts that would be a treasured memento of a person’s time visiting their beautiful home state. Their products are sold, not only at local farmer’s markets, seasonal fairs, festivals and events but can also be found in local businesses who carry Alaskan-made gifts.

Ten years later, this family-run business has no signs of slowing down with Kathy and Patti at the helm. Al Fish and Patti’s son Jordan Sower are now owners in the business. Patti’s other children, Lindsey and Ryley, can sometimes be found working at an event or assisting in other parts of the business. It is truly a collaboration of spirit, heart, and the love they have of the land, the native cultures and Alaskan folklore. They add new product regularly, not only designing their own products, but bringing to market pre-made products from local artisans.

They are excited to share their products with you. To purchases products in person, follow them on Facebook to find out what event they will be at next.  If you are interested in purchasing items wholesale, please give them a call at 907-376-5509.

Antlers and Ivory